Living in-studio

April 13 2012

One of the most frequent questions I receive during client engagements is "Why the name, Studio Blue?"

Cheryl Towler Weese, Studio Blue’s founder, believes that a "studio" provides a collaborative environment that delivers the best work. At Studio Blue people representing myriad disciplines work together to express a client's unique idea. And, the "blue," Cheryl says, is because it sounded nice. (Although others have suggested because it's a color favored by most or Cheryl had a dog named Blue.)

The definition of studio has expanded into a shared value among our in-studio colleagues and with our clients. We value idea exchange, exploration, sharing of projects and open minds. In a studio environment ideas are embraced and debated. Many days our studio is filled with laughter and loud music, other days it's more like a library with brief interchanges to share a thought or ask an opinion. Living in-studio is tricky. We don't always agree and it's stressful when the right idea has yet to make an appearance. Regardless, we trust the process and know that the idea will arrive.

What surprises me most about "Why Studio Blue?" is the response I receive to my answer—"Wow! That's unusual." It's surprising because our clients are always eager to discuss, learn and contribute to the work. And, every day in the studio we experience that it takes more than one mind or idea to deliver the best work possible. Collaboration, curiosity, dialogue and debate—values to be embraced. And, that's why Studio Blue.

Maggie Lewis
Managing Partner

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