We believe that human beings are innately creative and curious, seeking to express, articulate and persuade by offering a personal voice and perspective. Our role as designers is to create compelling opportunities for people to explore, learn, understand and grow, and we follow a disciplined and creative process that explores how best to achieve defined goals for access and interaction.

Innovation In each of our projects, we build on what we know and seek opportunities for innovation. Innovation can take the form of a typeface selection or a color palette. It can be expressed in navigation’s content and positioning, movement or content voice. No client or project is ever the same and therefore our portfolio is varied.

Immersion Our approach involves an Immersion phase, which utilizes a range of tools to better understand a client’s communication goals, target audiences, and how content will be generated, maintained and managed. We may employ traditional activities such as interviews and document reviews, as well as conduct group sessions to engage stakeholders in collaborative ways.

Strategic thinking We are mindful that the design of a new website, brand and communication programs introduces changes to a system. To ensure that organizations are able to take advantage of the knowledge gained during our efforts and that the program we create is successful, we create a project brief that integrates strategic thinking with creative, propositions. This document is created early in the process and aids not only the design, but also serves internal constituents in providing a tool that allows for objective conversations and decision-making.